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Welcome to Song of the Motherland.

War, peace, daily life, culture, and the struggles that all people face. An anthology that explores humanity without the distraction of humans. Updates Friday @ 7am CST. Drama/alien history/sci-fi. Contains occasional violence and language.


Added a link to the map on the menu above the comic. check it out if you think it sounds interesting. it will be updated occasionally to add more cities and such.

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The best defense

New lore up.

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I spend way too much time doing background stuff for the comic and probably enjoy it more than any other element. I've written some short stories/articles detailing the lore that I've already linked above the comic. But I've now decided to also post a page or two of the same content after the end of every chapter. Should help the casual reader and when I self-publish.

The end of chapter 1 received a few lore pages. check them out if you think it sounds neat to you. :) chapter 2 will get the same after it is completed but you can also just click the link above the comic to get the same content.


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New page up on Friday 3/19

Shooting for a weekly upload schedule. I'll start doing it on fridays and we'll see how it goes. I can always change the day if I need to.

Thanks for all who have read it so far! Hope you enjoyed it. Chapter 2 is up next!

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Welcome aboard!

Hey all. Welcome to Song of the Motherland.
I've been working on the concept of this comic in some form or another for years (since high school), and having recently graduated college now is as good a time as any to start. Chapter one was finished not long ago and I am actively working on the second chapter.

Just as important to me as the comic itself is the worldbuilding of the universe in which it's set. I love history, scifi, and creating characters like almost nothing else and and glad for the chance I get here to blend all the elements into something I really enjoy, and hope you do as well.

Take care.
Cal McNichols

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